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Monthly Mortgage News with Sue Clydesdale of Mortgage Express

A bit of good news this week after all the upheaval of the rental investment loans being cut to 60% LVR. By the way I can still get over 60% LVR loans from the non bank lenders.

First Home Buyers have had a boost from the Government. The value they can purchase to in Christchurch has been raised to $500,000 from $450,000. The income caps have been lifted. A single person can now earn $85,000 to qualify and a couple $130,000 per annum. The best news is that if you are eligible for the Grant it has been raised to $10,000 per person for an existing property and $20,000 per person for a new build. Customers have to have been in Kiwisaver for 5 years to qualify for these amounts. To be fair pretty much everyone I am seeing has now been in the scheme for this time now. These changes are effective from 1st August 2016. 

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